How to Cover Up Birthmarks Using Makeup

Makeup is generally used for boosting self-esteem and building self-confidence. Since, it has the capability of covering up imperfections and blemishes, most of the people find it very helpful. People having birthmarks, especially birthmarks on face, find makeup as their friend. Doing birthmark cover up using makeup is very easy. You should just know the right procedure and correct tools required for it.

Make Up

Steps to cover up the birthmarks using makeup

So let us now discuss about how to do birthmark cover up using makeup. The following step by step instructions will help you in applying the makeup properly over your face. Be careful and do not be in a hurry while applying for covering your birthmarks.

First step: Foundation

The first step of birthmark cover up process is using foundation of good quality and it should match your skin tone correctly. If you apply the base, then you would not need to apply much amount of powder and concealer. If you use stick foundation, it may provide you the most of the coverage required. You should blend the foundation very well. You can apply the foundation either using a sponge or a brush according to your comfort. It should be blended well.

Second step: Concealer

After blending the foundation properly on your face, you should apply a concealer of high-coverage on your face. The recommended concealer for birthmark cover-up is the cake concealer. Products like these will provide you more longevity and strongest coverage. You should choose the shade which is matching with your skin-tone, so that it blends up easily and perfectly.

Application of concealer

The application of concealer depends on the size and shape of your birthmark which you need to cover. It can be applied with some small and pointed brush, used for precision for smaller areas. Or, it can be applied with a sponge to cover larger areas comparatively. Irrespective of tool which is used, it will be perfect if you apply the concealer in very thin layers. It should be applied till the birthmark is covered properly.

If you apply thick layers, it will result into over-application of the concealer which will look really bad. When you get your desired birthmark cover up, you should blend the concealer seamlessly with the foundation till you don’t get any visible line. When this step is completed, the last step comes to finish the cover by applying powder.

Third step: Face Powder

Since the concealer and foundation both are cream-based products, they should be set properly by using a good quality face powder for achieving maximum coverage of the birthmarks.

You must choose a face powder which matches the skin tone of yours for achieving flawless results. For getting maximum level of longevity and coverage, the best type to choose will be matte-pressed powder. You can apply it as densely or lightly as you want.

Application of face powder

You should apply the face powder using powder puff for obtaining maximum coverage of birthmarks. It should be pressed in the light layers on the skin until you get the desired coverage.

The alternate method is to apply the face powder with some rounded, large brush for achieving a light dust cover. You should apply the face powder to entire face and blend it well for avoiding any lines. Let it soothe the whole complexion for blending with the concealer applied previously.

After following above steps, birthmark cover up can be done easily and the results can be more effective. You should experiment with some different tools and products and with continuous practicing you can get what you want.

Another Thought – Birthmark Removal

Once you have tried makeup to cover up up your birthmark, you may decide at some point try something more radical, maybe it’s time to ‘get rid of it !’. Now – depending on the type of birthmark, not all birthmarks can be removed !

For those birthmarks that can be removed, the popular options include birthmark removal by laser (generally effective but quite costly) and birthmark removal cremes (easy to use but takes longer, cheap option – be sure you use a recommended natural birthmark remover).