How to Hide Birthmarks Using Birthmark Concealers

5 Birthmark Concealers That Rock

Do you have a birthmark that you’d like to have go into hiding? Perhaps a port-wine stain creeps across your forehead above your left eye? Or a pink stork bite sits brightly on the very tip of your button nose? If so, you will likely be happy, or perhaps thrilled, to know that there are some excellent birthmark concealers on the market. Concealers that will have you beaming when you look in the mirror in the morning.

We’ve done your homework for you. We’ve scoured the Internet for five products that scored high in terms of user reviews. (Not at all. You are welcome.) Without further ado, and in an order that is random…

Smart Cover Concealer

Smart Cover Birthmark ConcealerSmart Cover Concealer offers a kit of ten products that have been designed in consultation with make-up artist Christina Smith. If you are into routines, if you are willing to put some time into this hide-your-birthmark project, this kit may speak to you. You can also buy individual products, like their popular concealer cream.

Blogs such as Makeup Alley give Smart Cover two thumbs up for its coverage and its affordability.

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ColorTrationColorTration has developed a liquid makeup that is said to have the power to seriously reduce unwanted redness of the skin, including that associated with birthmarks.

One wants to avoid heavy makeups that look unnatural and it is for this reason that coloration has worked to create an opaque product. If you want to conceal your birthmark but hold on to your natural glow, this product may be just the thing.

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Killer Cover Total Blockout By Judith August

Killer Cover Total BlockoutJudith August specializes in makeup designed to cover scars, though it can be used to cover up a birthmark as well.

Their Killer Cover Total Blockout Makeup has a name that rocks. It just sings. Oh, and the product is waterproof and has been designed to stay in place all day. That’s right – from breakfast to philosophy class to lunch with friends to the library to beers at the pub.

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Maximum Coverage By Estee Lauder

Maximum Coverage by Estee LauderEstee Lauder has a product that frequently turns up in online conversations about the best way to cover birthmarks – Estee Lauder’s Maximum Coverage.

As the name implies, or shouts out, this is a makeup meant to cover up whatever you smooth it over. Estee Lauder counters are a fixture in most high end department stores and are a super place to try out their products.

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Studio Finish Concealer By MAC

MAC Studio Finish ConcealerMAC may be best known for its lipsticks of striking shades that stay on forever, though they have a concealer that may be all you need to send your birthmark undercover for the day: MACSs Studio Finish Concealer.

This product won kudos from readers of Allure as the hands-down best concealer out there. This concealer is without perfume, waterproof and highly concentrated. It sounds like MAC has a winner.

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Know that there is a concealer out there for you. And let the hunt begin.

Final Thoughts

You may tire of simply covering up your birthmark with concealers. When that becomes the case for you then you’ll want to consider investigating the various birthmark removal treatments.

And for those birthmarks that can be removed (not all can be), the usual removal options are laser birthmark removal (generally good but rather expensive) and birthmark removal creams (easy to use, can do from home – but it takes longer to work. It’s a cheaper and safer option,- just make sure you use a safe natural birthmark remover).