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Birthmark Cover Up

Your Birthmark: Embrace it. Or Cover it up

The birthmark comes in different shapes, sizes and hues. It can settle on a slender shoulder or a knobby knee or a perfectly pert nose. Feelings about having birthmarks also vary widely. Zoe may have come to love the cafe au lait spot that rests on her shoulder. Adam may cringe with embarrassment every time he is asked about the port-wine stain mark on his forehead.

Whatever your emotional response to your birthmark, own it. If you are cool with your birthmark, if you are unbothered by its appearance or with attention it attracts, you need not cover it up. Go boldly forth.

Perhaps you are not one with your birthmark? It could be that you are self-conscious about your physical appearance because of your unwelcome permanent blemish. You may have found yourself putting that to-die-for spaghetti-strapped dress back on the rack because you don’t want people to see your birthmark. If this sounds like you, it may be time to throw caution to the wind and get creative in covering up your stork bite. Or your slate grey nevus. Or even your congenital nevus.

We have got some birthmark cover up ideas to get you started. (You’re welcome.)

The tattoo

An exquisite tattoo shaped like a butterfly that looks as if it just landed on your shoulder may be what you want to see when you look in your dressing mirror instead of your stork bite. And why not? The next time your hand rests on that sweet spaghetti-strapped dress, you may just try it on and buy it. That should feel awesome. It must be said.

If you are uncertain about how a tattoo might look gracing your shoulder, or your neck, or your knee, have some fun with temporary tattoos. You’ll find that there are impressive and realistic ones on the market.

Special make-up

It may be that you are just not into tattoos. You are just not that person. Fear not, you have options. There are special kinds of make-up that you can use to cover up your birthmark. Seriously.

You may have to try a few kinds of make-up before you settle on the one that works for you. Most make-up counters are happy to let you try a product before buying it; there is no need to empty your fabulous yellow ceramic piggy bank.

Remember that staying power is important in a make-up that will be used to cover up a birthmark. While you may be nonplussed when your lipstick starts to fade after an hour or so of wear, you want your birthmark to stay undercover for as long as possible.

Know that there are make-up products on the market that are designed to conceal redness; they often have a high amount of yellow pigment which works to conceal red.


A brilliant silk scarf can put your worries about the stork bite on your neck to rest. Or you may decide that you really don’t need to show your knees unless you are basking in the sun at a beach covered in sparkling white sand. Or a funky watch with a wide strap may conceal the splotchy skin on your slender wrist.

Making small adjustments in the style of clothing you choose may be all that you need to do in order to make peace with your birthmark.


If you can’t be bothered with scarves or are not into the idea of placing limits on your wardrobe, you might consider, if your birthmark is of the tiny variety, covering it with a florescent lime-green bandage. Or if you are of a more conservative bent, a skin-colored one. This is a solution that will speak to the no-fuss among you.

Whether you decide to cover up your birthmark is up to you. Never feel ashamed that you’ve a birthmark. It is a naturally occurring blemish that up to one third of all people have. It is ok to be cool with how your birthmark looks. It is ok to cover it up. It is ok to consider surgery if you are totally bothered by the presence of your birthmark. Do what feels right for you.

Fed Up Of Covering Up – Consider Birthmark Removal ?

Once you have tried covering up your birthmark, you may decide that it’s time to ‘get rid of it!’. Now as a warning – depending on the type of birthmark, not all birthmarks can be removed.

For those that can be removed, the popular options are laser birthmark removal (generally effective but quite costly) and birthmark removal lotions (easy to use but takes longer, cheap option, make sure you use a natural birthmark remover).

Our favorite technique for getting rid of birthmarks (note that it works on most but not all birthmarks types) is actually a skin lightening product called illuminatural 6i. This remarkable skin lightening product will over time cause your birthmark to fade away until it has completely gone. For more info check it out here,